What are the hire periods?

You can hire our Campervan for a Week, a Midweek Break or a Weekend Break. We can sometimes offer a little more flexibility in low season. Do get in touch and we’ll see what’s possible.

Weekly hire: Friday 2.30pm – Friday 10am

Midweek Break: Monday 2.30pm – Friday 10am

Weekend Break: Friday 2.30pm – Monday 10am

Where do I collect the van?

Campervans are collected from our office in Milton Keynes. On arrival, we will complete your paperwork and introduce you to your van.

Can I leave my vehicle at your premises?

Yes, your vehicle can be left with us for the duration of the hire, entirely at the owners own risk. We have secure facilities. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage.

What time can I collect the van?

Collections are available from 2.30pm. If you plan to be in the area earlier in the day do let us know. We might just be able to get the van ready slightly ahead of schedule. Final collections are (strictly) at 4pm. If you can’t reach us by this time, do get in touch to arrange a collection the following day. Out of hours collections (extra £35) can be arranged at weekends with advance notice (3 days minimum), depending on staff availability.

Is there a minimum driver age?

You can drive our van if you are between 25 years old and 70 years old.

Are the campervans fully insured?

Yes, our campervans are covered by comprehensive motor insurance policies the cost of which is covered in the hire cost.

Why do you need a £750 security deposit?

The £750 security deposit covers any damage to the campervans during the hire period.  The security deposit is fully refunded provided the campervan is returned undamaged, clean, and with a full tank of fuel. 

Can we hire the campervan at any time of year?

Yes, all our Campervan is available to hire all year round. It is equipped with a central heating system with a thermostatic control for all season comfort.

Can I hire the campervan on any day?

During the high season our rental periods are as above but off season you can rent the van anytime with a 3 day minimum hire period.

How old is your campervan?

Our Campervan is a brand new conversion (September 2016), the van itself is 18 months old.

Can we take a campervan abroad?

Yes you can! There is an extra charge though of £10 per day. The cover includes European comprehensive insurance and comprehensive breakdown cover and accident management.

Is there a mileage limit?

No get away and enjoy your trip without restrictions.

Can I smoke in the campervan?

No, absolutely not – disgusting habit!

What equipment comes with the campervans?

Our campervan is fully equipped with what you need for a week away. There is cutlery, crockery and glassware (not glass though) for four. Kitchen tools like peelers and salad bowls and of course a corkscrew will be supplied. There’s a hook-up cable, first-aid kit, water carrier and collapsible bucket too. You’ll need to bring bedding or sleeping bags but just about everything else is covered. We’ll send you a full equipement list when we confirm your booking.

How many drivers are permitted?

Drivers can be added to the insurance as required. All drivers must be over 25 and under 75 years of age.  Full details and documentation for each named driver must be provided when you collect the campervan.

One driver per booking is included, extra drivers are charged at £25 each

What ID will I need to provide?

We have to see various forms of identification to satisfy our insurance provider. You don’t need to provide these when you book but approximately 1 week before you collect the campervan we’ll contact you to check your ID and remind you of what to bring with you so you have everything you need for your campervan holiday. We prefer to check all ID during the week before you arrive as this avoids any delays when you pick up the campervan, so we’ll ask you to provide the following:

  1. A copy of each driver’s driving licence
  2. A DVLA licence check code for each driver
  3. Two other proofs of address for each driver that show the name and address as shown on their driving licence. The following are acceptable:

– Utility bill received within last 60 days (mobile phone bills are NOT acceptable)

– Bank or credit card statement received within last 60 days

– Payslip received within the last 60 days

We’ll ask you to bring these documents on the day too. If you have an old style driving licence, you’ll need to bring your passport too, so we’ve seen photographic ID.

If you have any queries with regards to the above, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Is gas included with the vehicle?

Yes, gas for the 2-ring cooker in the van is included as standard.* This can be refilled at most petrol stations and camp sites and we’ll reimburse the gas refill costs – usually around £20.

Are pets Allowed?

Yes small dogs are allowed but are not allowed on the seats or bed and are not to be left unattended at any time. There is an extra £50 charge for the cleaning of the vehicle payable at the time of booking.

Does the campervan have breakdown cover?

Yes, the campervan is covered in the UK and throughout Europe.

Do you deliver the van?

We can arrange delivery at extra cost. We can also arrange collections from local airports and train stations when required.

What fuel does the van take?


What are the campervan dimensions?

You may need the dimensions of our campervans if you’re travelling by ferry or Eurostar, some campsites ask for these to, so here they are:

Height: 2 metres

Width: 1.92 metres

Length: 4.9 metres

Do you have an awning to go with the van?

Yes. We have a Vango AirAway awning that attaches to the side of the campervan. These are brilliant as they have inflatable tubes instead of poles so are quick to put up. They’re easy to attach to the van, but you can detach them too, so when you go out for the day, they remain as a standalone tent and when you get back you just park your campervan next to it and re-attach it.

The cost for the awning is £75 per hire.

Do you have a bike rack that fits on the van?

Yes. We charge £50 per hire for the bike rack. Please let us know how many bikes you’ll be taking with you so we can make sure your bike rack will fit them all. The maximum the bike rack will hold is 4 bikes.

Will I be shown how to use the campervan?

Yes. We recommend you allow 30-40 minutes when you collect your campervan for us to show you how everything works. We’ll also give you a list youtube videos that should answer any questions you may have.

Can I bring an appliance like a hair dryer or portable DVD player?

Yes you have 240volt power when connected to the mains supply (hook up) at campsites that offer the facility.