The best way to find us is to put our post code CA19 1UX in a Google map! And then please remember to bring it on your journey!


Google will direct you to the local pub (!) The Bridge Inn, stood by the side of Santon Bridge itself, over the River Irt. If you pass the pub on your right side, we are the very next entrance on your left about 200 meters after the pub. Be careful not to miss the entrance and drive straight past! If you get stuck, call at the Bridge Inn and they will tell you where we are! You are looking for ‘Hallflat Farm Cottages’.


When you come into the farm courtyard, drive straight through, in between the buildings and round to the front of Todd and Gunn cottages. Please drive through the gate into the front garden area and park on the hard standing.


Gunn is on the left and Todd on the right as you look at them.


If you get stuck on your journey, please note that phone reception and Sat Nav, can be random in the hills and sometimes non-existant.


You are welcome to phone us if you are lost on 0800 093 5065, but we’d advise you really do print out a set of directions and a map before you set off!!


We would suggest that you only drive over ‘Hardknott pass‘ if the weather is good and the conditions clear. It is stunning, with views out over the Irish Sea and a challenging drive, but it can be a bit hairy as it is a single track road and in places VERY steep with drops either side. In bad weather it is closed for your safety. You can go up and over Hardknott to get to the Popular tourist spots of Coniston and Ambleside, should you wish to explore the Central Lake District National Park on a day out from the cottages. Otherwise its best to use the less adventurous A595 if aproaching from the north, or indeeed the south!

Email:  Phone: 0800 093 5065